The loader shared his food with a homeless dog and was thanked the same day. The animal saved his life

In one of the big cities, Gosha worked as a loader in a construction hypermarket. He was hardworking and extremely kind. The guy regularly fed the homeless animals of the region, but Denis, with whom they worked in pairs, was his complete opposite.

And then, one day, in the process of shipping a large cargo of a wholesaler, a completely dirty and skinny dog ran up to the young people, watching the process. Denis began to yell, driving her away and the animal, frightened, disappeared.

During lunch, Denis went to the store, and Gosha already had food with him in a container, and he began to eat. And it was then that the same skinny dog ran up to him and began to watch with hungry eyes how the guy was eating.

Gosha took pity on him and shared part of the dinner, which he ate with great appetite and disappeared again. Gosha lived nearby, so after work he returned home on foot.

A downpour came and it got colder, and all the sidewalks were covered with ice. Gosha walked slowly so as not to slip, however, this nevertheless happened and he lost consciousness.

And then a dog ran up, whom he fed during the day. He could not leave his new friend in trouble and began to lick his face, waiting for a reaction, and when he saw that he was not moving, he began to bark very loudly, attracting people.

People who were not indifferent nevertheless paid attention to what was happening and turned to an ambulance.

The doctor then, when Gosha had already come to his senses, told about the dog and he was extremely surprised, realizing the grateful nature of these animals.

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