The mother of the two pups consented to have faith in the child as she began to cry.

During a stop in the field after returning from a trip to the Kuban, a woman named Katya saw two emaciated puppies and their mother sitting nearby, which looked no less pathetic.

Katya fed the animals as much as she could, and upon returning home, she posted a photo on social networks with a request to respond to those who were not indifferent and take the dog family to a shelter.

Soon, Katya found trapping specialists, and two dog babies were assigned for overexposure, they got a roof over their heads and constant food. But their mother would not allow anyone to even get close to her.

Desperate Katya went to the field herself, called the dog, lured her in every possible way, and persuaded her – but everything was in vain, the mother of the puppies did not trust people.

Katya sat down and began to cry, realizing that leaving the dog here means dooming her to certain death.

And then the incredible happened: seeing the girl’s tears, the dog first began to howl loudly and then crawled towards Katya.

She first tried to make a collar from improvised materials.

But then she realized that this was not required, the mother of the puppies did not run away anywhere and calmly let herself be taken to the shelter, where she soon happily squealed and licked her two babies.

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