The old blind dachshund was left at the shelter and she did not let go of the person who stroked her there for the first time.

Muneka is a real old-timer of the canine world, she is already 18 years old and she has hardly seen. The owners decided to take her to the shelter and the poor thing was scared without her home, seeing nothing, deprived of love and care.

And then the volunteer Helen Simons went to the shelter to visit the old dog and as soon as she approached her and stroked her, Muneka immediately jumped into her arms and began to cuddle up to her, as if making it clear that she would not be released and she would take care of her.

Fortunately, the photographer captured this on camera, he was nearby at that time. The pictures were posted on social networks and very soon found popularity.

People from all over the world became interested in her fate, including a rescue organization from California that helps older animals.

They took her to the vet and then started looking for a caring family. To my great joy, except for the loss of vision, no other health problems. Once she was abandoned, but now there were a huge number of people who wanted to shelter her.

Of all, they chose the most suitable option. It was Emmy Gunn from San Diego, where she was sent. She came especially to see the dog and understand how the dog would accept it before taking it home.

In the new family, Muneka is surrounded by love and care, she loves to soak in bubble baths, go to the beach and getting sun.

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