The owner abandoned the dog at a gas station, as he did not please them with his breed. The poor man couldn’t believe he was betrayed.

An employee of one of the animal shelters could not even imagine that an ordinary trip to a gas station would turn into saving the life of a little dog.But let’s talk about everything in order. The woman went to refuel and suddenly noticed a basket that lay next to the gas station.

The gas station staff had no idea how the basket ended up there, but it contained a tiny puppy with a note attached giving some informations about the dog. For example, that his nickname is Toshka, he is a boy who was born on January 25th.

It was also reported that he was vaccinated, clean and abandoned, as the shelter assured that it was a corgi, but it turned out not to be it, but they didn’t take him back.The most awful part was that the unfortunate owners pointed out that euthanasia would be expensive and drew attention to the fact that it was not a corgi, but a mongrel.

They also noted that he spoils furniture, eats everything and can protect a country house well.The woman was shocked by what she read. She took the dog home and fed it. The baby was so hungry that he ate large quantities of food without stopping.And when it came time to bathe, he behaved well and was generally a very well-mannered boy.They gave him the nickname Novi and the next day they took him to the veterinary clinic.

He was absolutely healthy and approached all the dogs there, as if in search of his mother and the vet was sure that he was quickly separated from his mother.

Now he lives in a shelter and the staff hope that there will be kind owners who will not give attention to his breed.

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