The owner trained the intelligent Labrador puppy to pray before each meal.

It was a normal day, just like any other. At some point, the owner and his little friend went into the kitchen. They were about to start dinner; the owner brought a portion of food for the dogs, and the puppy got ready for the process of eating.

This puppy is very patient and has incredible self-control.

Despite the fact that saliva filled the entire mouth, and the paws themselves strive to approach the bowl of food, and he sees the desired food that beckons him, the puppy restrains himself, because he knows what he needs to do before eating.

After the owner filled the bowl with dog food, what the puppy did, melted our hearts forever.

After all the food was poured into the bowl, the owner fell to the ground, and so did the pup – everything according to his example. They bowed low and offered up a prayer to God with gratitude for the provided food.

The owner taught his puppy wonderful manners. See for yourself how it happened, it is unforgettable and will amaze you to the core.

Watch the video below;

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