The owners considered the dog not thoroughbred enough and simply left it to the mercy of fate

The nickname of this charming dog is Evie and until recently she was in the street, wandering along the roads until a tender-hearted man found her.

She was quickly taken to the shelter, where the staff noticed that he looked like a Spitz, but with shorter hair than purebreds, and her body and muzzle were also slightly different from purebreds.

Then the volunteers concluded that she was abandoned precisely for the reason that she did not meet the breed standards.But for the volunteers it didn’t matter, as the dog urgently needed help, feed and cure, especially considering the fact that her fur had stopped growing.


The shelter staff tried to accommodate her and they succeeded very quickly. These were people who accepted the dog as it was, sweet, pretty and cheerful and did not pay attention to the pedigree of the animal.

A few months of love and care worked a miracle: the dog gained weight, acquired a thick and shiny coat, became even more lively and kind.

The cute baby loves to eat deliciously, sleep wrapped in a soft blanket, and she also loves photo shoots and is especially photogenic, causing only positive emotions and, looking at her pretty face, you understand what a narrow-minded person you need to be to choose an animal by breed.

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