The poignant reunion of a dog and a cat with their owners following a hurricane

Onie and Bruce Dunlap live in Arkansas and are very fond of pets. They have two dogs and four cats. One time early in the morning a neighbor approached them and announced that a really terrible storm was approaching the city.

The Dunlaps did not know about this, as they had previously lost their electricity and they had not heard the news. Thus, they simply did not have time to properly prepare for the evacuation.

The family of animal lovers helped a disabled neighbor down to a basement equipped for a similar situation. The Dunlaps could not find the cat, and the dog did not want to leave the house at all. Therefore, they still had to leave them and trust their fate.

When the hurricane ended and the people came out of their hiding place, they saw that the roof had been blown off in their house, as well as other buildings were damaged to varying degrees.

Nevertheless, the Dunlap family was worried about this, so they immediately ran to look for their pets.

Fortunately, their animals were soon found. So, the doggie’s face looked out from under the rubble of the house. It was a very touching and sweet meeting. The Dunlaps asked the doggie for forgiveness for leaving without her.

A couple of minutes later the cat came running. It is also worth noting that the pets were not affected by the elements.

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