The pregnant dog was left behind when the owners relocated and waited for them at the door for a whole month.

Costa Rican resident Tanya Cappelluti opened a private animal shelter a couple of years ago, which she called Charlie’s Angels. Thanks to her work and the work of the shelter staff, about a thousand lives were saved.

Once Tanya got a call and was told that a pregnant dog had been sitting near a house for a month. When Cappelluti arrived at the site, she learned that the dog’s former owners had simply moved permanently to another location.

But they decided not to take the animal with them. People decided to leave her to her fate, leave her to die.

The unhappy dog ​​didn’t even know where to go. She just sat in the same place. The animal faithfully waited for people, not leaving anywhere. Only sometimes she was fed by kind people.

Taking the poor girl to her shelter, Tanya fed the unfortunate dog and gave her a nickname – Maria. Now the most important thing was to find an owner for the pregnant dog.

A good friend of Tanya, Winn McKee decided to shelter Maria at her place. Winn made a cozy spot in her apartment especially for her.

Here Maria gave birth in less than a week. She gave birth to as many as seven beautiful puppies.

The crumbs eat well and grow quickly. For them, Cappelluti has already started looking for suitable families.

Maria’s new owner is happy with her pet. She says that the dog is very intelligent and calm.

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