The rabbit got stuck in a jar of food, but wasn’t afraid, but continued to eat …

A rabbit named Bunny did not care at all that he was stuck in a jar of food. The main thing is that there was a lot of delicious food in there, for the sake of which the pet was ready for anything.He ate as if it were the last time in his life, and the owners at that moment did not know what to do and how to get the animal …

The rabbit’s name is Noodles and he is very cheerful. The kid rushes around the house all the time, gets into the most unexpected places, and often spoils the master’s property. However, the owners love it very much!

Noodles is literally obsessed with food, and is always trying to find a way to steal some goodies. And he succeeds quite often!

One day Noodles’ owner heard sounds from the next room. Her father was there with the rabbit, and something out of the ordinary had happened.It turns out that the prankster somehow got into a jar of granules, and, despite the fact that he could not get out of there, he was clearly not the least bit scared and continued to eat.

The owners did not know what to do: laugh, cry or call for help!

The girl was the first to came up out what to do. She took a cardboard box and tilted the jar so that the pellets and the pet rolled out onto the cardboard without harming the rabbit itself.By the way, Noodles did not want to part with food, so he climbed up, but the glass was slippery, so soon the glutton fell into the box held by the hostess. Slamming onto the cardboard, Noodles still continued to eat.

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