The sad story of this puppy, which can often seen sitting on a drain cover by the roadside.

It’s usually very hard to lose our loved ones. Our story is about a pup who looks so sad and devastated and doesn’t even play or run.

He forgot what it feels like being a dog and sits silently not even knowing what is going on. The stranger brought him home and found out something unexpected about him.

He used to come to the same to the drain cover and never want to leave.The tiny dog used to make sad sounds from his nose. It was clear that the dog was in a deep depression.

When the pup’s new owner knew his story suddenly everything became clear.

His owner was hit by the car while crossing the street. The family members didn’t run at that moment that’s why they are all gone.

Now the poor dog is left without parents. His mother dies on the drain cover.After that accident the dog doesn’t want to leave that place as if waiting for his owner’s return.

This story proves that animals also have deep feelings.

This poor dog may not even understand that his owners will not return but still he is faithful!

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