The soldier who saved and adopted the puppy overseas is reunited with her after a year.

This moment was so important for Nick Pierzchalski who is a soldier serving in Iraq for over a year.

The black hawk pilot was responsible for many soldiers’ lives and he was excellent in his service. But besides doing it, he was also fond of animals and couldn’t pass by indifferent towards helpless stray dogs.

Overseas Nick decided to adopt a 4-month-old pup. He realized how much care and the little creature needed.

The man and his soldiers treated the pup with joy and love. They were feeding the dog with their own food. Eventually, the man named the pup after the food they were eating – Airys.

Airys meant home and warmth for these people. Her spirit made the soldiers feel at home.

When Nick had to say goodbye to his beloved dog, he knew he needed to officially adopt her. But it was not an easy task taking the pup to the US.

Only after a year did the dream of the pilot become true. During a live show on TV, the dog was reunited with her owner.

Nick was so thankful to everyone who put effort into the mission. He didn’t think it was going to happen.

Now Airys is the inseparable part of Nick’s family in the US!

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