The tiger was brought a goat for dinner, and he became friends with her

We will tell you about the incredibly touching friendship of a tiger named Amur and a goat named Timur.

How did this touching relationship begin? And the beginning was not romantic at all. Timur was brought to Amur right alive so that he could have lunch. But the tiger was not one of those and became very attached to the goat.

They became close friends, played, hunted and rested together. At the same time, they were inseparable despite the fact that Cupid continues to be a typical predator.

Zoo staff still feed him live prey twice a week, but they don’t give him goats, because Timur also needs to be respected.

Why exactly did such an attitude arise towards Timur? Experts assure that the reason lies in the courage of the goat, which was not particularly wsn’t afraid of the predator, and then the tiger himself was at a loss and a little later realized that he could be friends with such a one.

And now these two have become a living symbol of a very harmonious union, despite the huge differences and the fact that it seems simply incredible.

And also, it will probably become an edification for many, how to properly present yourself and treat those who are stronger than you.

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