The tigress turned to the huntsman, begging to save her cub.

The huntsman Ivan Petrovich worked in the forestry of the Khabarovsk Territory. During his long life he had a chance to see many animals. But once he was lucky to see a rare Amur tiger.

Amur tigers are now practically not meet, especially in these parts.They are already in the Red Book and hunting for them is strictly punishable by law.

The huntsman then was just doing something in his small household, and suddenly, right next to him, he noticed a tigress. He went out into the yard unarmed.

But the tigress gently and silently approached him. And then the huntsman noticed that she was injured and the grass was also bloody.He guessed that the reason for this was illegal poaching.

The tigress fixed very carefully into the eyes of the huntsman , as if begging for help and protection, and suddenly disappeared. Later, she returned, but not alone.

She kept a small tiger cub in her teeth and, leaving him next to Ivan Petrovich, fled back to the taiga.The tiger cub was very tiny baby and it was necessary to take care of him, and when he grows up, the huntsman would have let him to freedom, to his native taiga, but for now the cub grew up just like a domestic cat.

He was friends with cats and dogs, and the huntsman was very fond of a wild animal, giving him the nickname Cupid. A year later, he became a beautiful big tiger and went back to the taiga.

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