The «unlucky» dog may finally find his ultimate home after 14 failed adoptions.

It’s every shelter dog’s dream to find their very own forever home, and shelters do everything they can to get them adopted, but the process isn’t always easy. It takes some pets a long time to find the right home, and sometimes potential adoptions fall through.

One shelter dog named Roland has had a particularly bad “unlucky streak,” after 14 adoptions fell through. But now, Roland’s fortunes may finally be changing.

On January 11, SPCA of Wake County shared Roland’s story. They suspect that Roland’s many failed attempts at finding a home might be due to his large size: while he only weighs 63 pounds, he’s a “big boy” with a large frame who might be “too big/strong” for some families, particularly those with small children.

“His whole bad luck streak turned around very quickly,” Ranlet said. “We’re so overwhelmed by the incredible response.”

They also describe Roland as a “big puppy” who, when he gets excited, will stand up on his paws and put his paws on you, or “become a little mouthy.” “As long as you have reasonably sturdy footing, you’ll have no problem with Ronald,” they add.

While Roland is apparently a little too much dog for some families, they describe him as an otherwise very sweet and well-behaved pet, and would be a perfect companion for someone who can “handle a little extra size.”

“Ronald knows his commands, takes treats super gently, and is 100% sweet. He truly is a very good boy,” the SPCA wrote. “He loves treats and practicing his tricks, so he’ll be a great student for any training.”

Roland has certainly had a string of bad luck, but his friends at the SPCA were confident that there was still a perfect home out there for him somewhere.

And after they shared his story, Roland soon went viral — and they got more of a response than they ever expected.

In an update, the SPCA said that Roland had “maxed out” on pending adoptions, indicating a huge interest in families wanting to adopt Roland. “Thank you so much — here’s hoping this next home is Ronald’s forever one!” they wrote.

“His whole bad luck streak turned around very quickly,” SPCA spokesperson Samantha Ranlet told WRAL. “We’re so overwhelmed by the incredible response.”

While the SPCA says they are no longer accepting adoption requests for Roland, they encouraged people to consider their other adoptable dogs or sponsor pets like Roland with a donation.

It looks like Roland’s luck has finally turned around! We hope this sweet dog finds the perfect home soon!

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