The woman saves the life of a homeless and roaming cat who is at risk of being put down for being “Ugly”

Lori Farris is a 50-year old woman who rescued a cat that has Down’s syndrome. She found the cat roaming in the streets.

The woman saved the poor animal from being euthanized.

She did everything to find a loving and warm home for her not even realizing that the animal will become an important part of her life.

Once day she was walking when accidentally found the roaming cat.She was all in dirt and was so helpless.


The woman took her home and cleaned her whole body.

She named the cat Willow. Then she brought the cat to the vet to get checked up.They found out that the cat has an eye infection and intestinal parasites.

The vet said that in the shelter the cat willn’t be accepted as she had that down syndrome.The woman decided to bring her home and give her the best life.She was sure that the shelter would euthanize the poor cat and decided to bring her home and be her loving forever home.

The woman says she is happy having this cat in her life. She is unique in her own way.

People may call her ugly, but that’s not like that for Farris. She is the unique and wonderful cat in the world.

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