The wonderful story of a cat caring for his canine buddy who suffers from dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

This adult dog this year turns not much, not a little, as much as sixteen years old. But unfortunately, Shino (that’s the name of the dog) is sick. He has dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

The dog is already quite old and sick, so his limbs do not always obey him, his memory is also not the same as in his youth.

But Shino is not so afraid of illness, as he has a wonderful friend and nanny in the face of a cat, whose name is Ku.

The cat always accompanies the dog and takes care of him.

In addition to these friends, five other cats live in the house, but only Ku became his closest friend.

Shino looks very tired and sick. He no longer has the same body and memory that he had in his youth. Sometimes Shino forgets even the simplest things.

But every day for Shino begins with the cat coming up to him and saying hello. The cat helps the dog to take care of his coat, rubs against him and fawns.

These friends spend every day together. Resting together. They are engaged in simple activities and games.

The cat goes everywhere with the dog. They just became inseparable. The cat, like no one else, understands the plight of the dog and tries to surround his friend with care and help.

Ku helps the dog not to pay attention to the disease, but to enjoy life every day.

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