The zoo was closed due to heavy snow, and the camera caught enjoying a polar bear

Visiting the zoo is an interesting and exciting activity. It gives the opportunity to see wild animals and admire them. But few people think about what it would be like to be on the other side of the glass partition.

This isn’t very comfortable for animals. So they live in captivity, so they also have to endure the annoying presence of people having fun, laughing and poking fingers at them.

Poor animals are deprived of weekends and vacations, and this rare opportunity for a zoo that is closed to visitors is an incredible reason to pleasure. In any case, this white bear is incredibly happy about the people’s absence.

Surveillance cameras showed him happy for the closure of the zoo, where he has been staying for several years due to heavy snowfall.

The zoo, located in the US state of Oregon, was closed, but the polar bear and other arctic pets are incredibly crazy about the frost and heavy snow, they had so much fun and used this time to break away to the fullest.

Isn’t it true, he is simply charming and these shots will give us the opportunity to more deeply perceive the problem of animals imprisoned in zoos. But for some people it’s just entertainment, and for others — a way to make money.

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