Therapy dog saved the life of a drowning deer, and now continues to nurse him

This dog is a real heroine and she rushed to the rescue by diving into the lake and saved the drowning deer. But the guardianship of a caring animal did not stop there. He continued to nurse the cub even after he pulled him out of the reservoir.

Ralph Dorn, who lives in Virginia, went for a walk with his six-year-old dog Harley. Since there is a lake near the house, Ralph, along with his fluffy pet, usually go there for outdoor activities, as it is difficult to think of a better place.

Despite the fact that Harley loves to explore the surroundings, he does not go very far, but this time the dog disappeared and it was impossible to find him anywhere, and only after looking closely, Ralph saw him far in the lake.

Moreover, the pet was not alone, but carried some kind of creature with him. The little deer was in the middle of the lake and could not get out to the shore. And most importantly, it was not clear how he got there.And the owner of Harley, a retired Marine, saw how the dog carried him to the shore, and then, even on land, didn’t leave him and looked after him.

He did not want to leave the baby, but continued to lick him, running around and take care of him in every possible way. Ralph said that he did not understand how the deer ended up right in the middle of the lake, but he was insanely proud of his brave and fearless pet.

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