There was a squeak under the feet of the Thai schoolchildren. They began to dig and the find surprised them.

In the Thai province of Yasothon, a cub of a Thai bangku breed disappeared. The owners assure that he went for a walk, or rather, ran away and the owners did not understand how and where.

Local schoolchildren went out in search and, after a while, found him, but it happened in a rather unusual way. They came out not with the help of the dog’s trails, but after hearing the squeak of the baby.

The puppy disappeared in the following way: he didn’t hide in a shelter, but fell into a hole half a meter deep and the teenagers had to dig in this place for pulling him out.

Everyone was very surprised that the baby fell into such a deep hole, because he had just been born. Moreover, he whined for several hours, and if the children had not figured out on time, then everything would have ended much sadder.

The poor baby have been dragged out from under the ground, shook everything from it and cleaned it. At the same time, despite the fact that the fidget was very frightened, the veterinarians didn’t establish any health problems.

Moreover, in the process of rescuing, he even bit one of the guys, which showed that he was not even exhausted. So, in a short time, while he had already lived, this naughty boy had already managed to get involved in such a story.

That’s how the boy who promised to get the animal «out of the ground» did it in the most literal sense of the word.

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