They took a little, furry kitten, and a year later he turned into a “domestic lion”

This family has long dreamed of having a cat. But constantly some life circumstances prevented them from making their dream. And then one day such a tiny and wonderful creature settled in their house.

All family members immediately fell in love with the baby. From the very first day, the kitten has found love, care and affection.

The owners decided to take weekly pictures of their pet. They soon noticed that the baby was growing much faster than expected.

It’s only been a year. The little kitten has changed significantly and has become like a big cat. Even the owners themselves did not expect it to be so big.

They were sure that they had got a Maine Coon cat. However, they were mistaken a little bit. Members of this family bought a Norwegian forest cat. The cutie has grown into a real big creature.

Despite its large size, the cat has a wonderful character. “Norwegian” gets along well with both children and adults. He really has a lot of patience when he plays with small children.

The cat loves to bask on the lap of the owners. They always have time to pet and cuddle their fluffy cat. How will ignore this beauty?

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