Thirsty squirrel seeks assistance from humans. He avidly consumes the water handed to him by tourists.

Last summer in Arizona, there was an incredibly intense heatwave and all natural water sources dried up. It was not easy to endure such vicissitudes of nature, and everyone tried not to leave the house once again.

But if people could somehow cope with such conditions, then it was much more difficult for animals to endure such heat.

Because of such unnatural conditions, animals had to turn to people for help. Like, for example, the hero of today’s video, a little squirrel who lost all hope of finding a source of water on his own.

He went out on the road and began to ask for help from tourists. Seeing the animal, people immediately realized that he needed help. They took a bottle of water and set it up so that the squirrel could drink from it.

The squirrel, languishing from thirst, instantly fell to the life-giving moisture. He lapped water greedily, and it seemed to the tourists that he was able to drink the whole bottle.

They decided to film this cute animal and share the video online. Their video quickly gained popularity, and the little squirrel became the star of the Internet.

Take a look at this lovely sight. The squirrel with pleasure drinks the long-awaited water that people offered him. He was incredibly thirsty.

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