This cat raises a squirrel among her babies and adores her just as much as her own.

This cat lives in a loving family. She gave birth to 6 adorable kittens, and she became a caring mother to them.

One day the owner and her children found a newborn squirrel on the ground in a park.

They tried to find the nest from which it fell out, but could not see it. The poor baby could die without food and heat.

Then the mother decided to try to save the baby with the help of the cat! She brought the squirrel home, fed her and carefully put the baby squirrel near the mom and her kittens.

The cat mom immediately began to lick the baby, and the squirrel quickly realized where she could eat there.

The foundling has successfully settled in the new family, eats well and grows. And 6 of his new brothers and sisters play with her with pleasure.

The foster mother loves the cutest squirrel as much as her own baby kitties. She is always open for cuddles and warm hugs.

Thanks to this family and their kind cat, this tiny animal didn’t pass away. On the contrary, she enjoys the warmth of her new mom and siblings.

Unfortunately, she won’t be able to go back to the park life, as she is already adapted to the new life.

However, she is not deprived of visiting parks with her family!

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