This cat waited four years for the owners who left him in the village

Cat Borenka wandered the streets of the village for four years and waited for his owners. They moved to live in the city, and they simply abandoned their cat, not even bothering to the cat’s life.

People nearby say that Boris, as if on guard, did not leave the house and did not stop waiting for the owners. He couldn’t believe that the people he loved so much did this to him.

He remained in the same place in the heat and in severe frosts. Long four years have made a real savage out of a beautiful, fluffy, smushy kitten. He didn’t approach people and it became almost impossible to catch him.

The villagers simply left him food so that he would not lose his life from hunger at all. But one day Borya choked on a bone and had to turn to volunteers. The unfortunate cat couldn’t eat or drink water.

His mouth didn’t close from the bone, and that’s why he was forced to be caught and taken for treatment. Boris was urgently taken to the veterinary clinic and had to have removed his front teeth.
In addition, strong dehydration had been identified and now he was sent for overexposure to get stronger.

Now his health has improved, he eats and goes to the tray, but it’s almost impossible to bathe the obstinate and stubborn cat, and when the shelter staff tried to do this, he scratched them badly.

Now Boris lives in the attic part of the house of one volunteer and gradually he becomes a civil, house cat.

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