This chatty bird won’t stop talking, and his owner recorded the performance to post on social media.

There are some types of birds that do not quite want to communicate with humans. They understand everything, perceive, but simply do not burn with the desire to answer.

And there are such birds that, due to the peculiarities of the breed or character, simply cannot be silent! They constantly need to talk about anything and about something.

This is exactly what the hero of today is! This is the parrot Kesha that has already become a real artist on the Internet.

Moreover, he is an artist of the spoken genre. After all, the parrot just chatters about everything for hours on end!

From time to time its owner records interesting videos with Kesha in the title role. As a rule, these are just monologues of the parrot.

The bird constantly talks about something: about what he heard, or just opening the cage so that he can fly. This is who should be called a real talker!

Kesha is exactly that ideal interlocutor with whom an awkward pause will never arise. The parrot will always be able to find a topic for a conversation with himself or with a person.

And it’s even scary to think about how much time his owner spent on teaching Kesha to talk like that!

Watch the video below and have a lot of fun with us! After all, you definitely can’t get bored with Kesha! This parrot will show everyone what a rich vocabulary is!

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