“This Corgi’s reactiօn to a pup’s fart is simply tօօ funny for words!”

Again something about dogs. It’s never enough of talking about them. They are one of the funniest and the most friendly creatures ever. Whenever it is possible they adore meeting new people.

Check out Lacie as an example of this. This tiny pup is no exception. She is also an obnoxious nutball. She is the newest member of the family and as a matter of fact a little bit spoiled child.

So the family had another dog as well, Mac who was trying to get to know his little new sister. But his efforts went in vain as Lacie made certian that she does not want any contact and that she is going to be the boss in here.

She is showing it a little bit too much energy. Watch the video till the end to see what she did to Mac in the end.

In the end Lacie lets everything go dirrectly in Mac’s face. It’s obvious that for Mac all of this is new and he is not a big fan of his sister anymore.

But we are sure that everything is going to be just fine and all the wounds are going to be healed with time. This is one of the funniest and the best video of dogs.

Go watch and enjoy your time.

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