This dog made the choice to stand alongside his reprimanded friend in the corner.

Payton and Dash are childhood friends. When the boy was a toddler his parents decided to bring a loyal friend to Payton who would teach him some good values.

Now they are so close that they spend all their free time together. They play, eat and sleep together. The boy’s mom is happy to watch these funny friends.

For a boy of this age, orders are a frequent occurrence. On one of the unfortunate days for himself, Payton was punished by his parents and put in a corner to realize his behavior.

Well, can a friend leave his best person in an unpleasant situation? Of course, no. And Dash went to the corner for the little creature.

When the boy’s mother, Gillian, came to see how her son, who was under arrest, was spending time, she saw a touching picture – the boy and the dog were standing side by side in the corner.

Moved by the scene, she allowed her son to leave the corner. And how could it be otherwise, when you have an example of real friendship in front of you. It is no longer possible to take offense at one of the strong companies.

We wish you have such a friend like Dash is for Payton.

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