This dog was rescued from illegal dog fighting and is now a firefighter’s helper.

The dog, nicknamed Hansel, was saved from participation in dog fights, which were held illegally. Now he helps firefighters put out fires.

Hansell was seven months old when he was rescued along with his mother and sister Gretel, and he never became a participant in dog fights and ended up in a shelter that specializes in training stray dogs into law enforcement officers.

Months of training allow dogs to be able to detect prohibited and explosive substances, to determine arson by sniffing. The direction of their work is also related to which particular unit they will be sent to.

Firefighter Tyler Van Leer approached the shelter, asking for a service dog, and that’s when Hansel was in the training phase.
It was important for him that the pet’s sense of smell was strong, which would help to quickly detect fires, and so Tyler was given Hansel.

He settled the pit bull in his house and every morning they went to work together. Hansel even has a special vest and badge.Moreover, for his short practice, Hansel has already managed to assist in finding the source of ignition and arrest the culprit.

He also identified the source of the fire in the warehouse. And so, four people received legal punishment. Hansel does his job so well, but sometimes he is even borrowed by police officers from other states.

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