This foal was left without a mother, but a good old dog came to the rescue

Tiny foal Tai was orphaned when he was only 9 days old, but he did not have to be sad alone for long, as he gained a good friend and mentor in the face of a dog.

Zip is an Australian shepherd dog that lives with owners who breed horses.

He has never been particularly sociable and interested in animals of other species. Only rarely could he visit the stable and look at them from a distance.

But this continued only for the time being, until an incident occurred that undermined the habitual foundation of Zip’s life.

It was on this fateful night that the dog realized that he had a purpose.

The mother of the foal, Taya’s horse, passed away just a few days after giving birth, despite the efforts of the owners and veterinarians.

The owner did not leave the horse all night and did not lose hope, but, unfortunately, the disease was incompatible with life. Zip was sitting next to the owner all this time. He whimpered softly, as if he knew something bad was going on.

In the morning, little Ty was left without a mother, but Zip did not want to leave the baby. He did not leave him and was always there, calming and supporting the orphan. Tai, on the other hand, became happy thanks to a new comrade who supported him in difficult times.

The pets are still very close and can’t imagine life without each other.

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