This is love without doubt.Faithful dog refused to leave his owner and saved her life

It’s no secret that more faithful and devoted creatures than dogs simply do not exist. And this unconditional devotion is proved by this picture, which conquered the network: in the photo, the service dog refused to leave the hospital room of his mistress.

Their relationship began when Shauna Darcy adopted a dog from a shelter and her choice fell on Ruby — this was the start of a great and strong friendship.While she was training her as a service dog, she noticed that the dog was trying in every possible way to earn her love.

In other words, Ruby is more like Shauna’s guardian angel and doesn’t want to leave her for a second, which is very valuable given that the woman has a rare heart disease.

When she loses consciousness, Ruby lays down on the mistress, licks her face and hands until she comes to her senses. A few days ago, the dog even saved Shona’s life.She was restless and seemed to let her know that something was wrong and she called an ambulance, it turned out that it was not for nothing, by the time the ambulance arrived she was already almost unconscious.

Now Shona is alive only thanks to her Ruby, and after the ambulance came, the dog did not calm down and refused to let her be in the clinic alone, but, just, insisted that the doctors leave him in the ward.

Shauna appreciates such care and says that we humans do not deserve our pets.

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