This puppy befriends the blind dog and facilitates his mobility.

Adam and Chelsea Stipe had a pet named Charlie. It was a handsome golden retriever. At the age of 11, the pet fell ill with an eye disease, and soon glaucoma took up. The dog’s eyes were removed.

Charlie’s life took on a gray tone. The dog was constantly sad and became unsociable. The cheerful retriever gradually turned into a sad dog.

The owners began to think about how to diversify the life of their pet so that he would not be sad. They bought a four-month-old puppy of the same breed named Maverick.

Charlie didn’t like the pup at first, but the days passed and they gradually became friends. The life of old Charlie began to acquire new colors.

Maverick began to help his elder friend in everything. Everything Charlie couldn’t do. As if the baby understood his purpose.

He even kept Charlie’s leash for a walk and did not leave him a step, showing by his appearance that he would always be there, at any difficult moment.

The owners of the dogs decided to create a special account on a social network in order to upload all the unique shots of these four-legged friends there.

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