This sphinx was thrown outside into the cold without even thinking how he would survive without wool.

Once, people noticed a lonely Sphynx cat near the house. At first it seemed that the purr had escaped and could not find a home. The owners were not at home.

The couple asked the relatives to come and catch the cat, but then it turned out that all their Sphynx cats were there, and it was a random cat, however, they could not leave him helpless in such a bad condition.

They gave her something to eat, bathed her and put her to bed. At first the cat was cheerful and active, but then she lost her appetite and she became indifferent to everything around.

In the veterinary clinic, she was examined and it turned out that she had a blood disease associated with a very low level of red blood cells.They urgently put her on drips and subsequent tests showed that the treatment was effective and Busechka had overcome the disease.

The cat was shortly discharged and she continued the treatment at home, that the new owners carried out strictly and clearly according to the schedule.

Kind people have left a glorious cat to live among other cats of the same breed and it was not a burden for them.

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