This super adorable and sweet Pomsky pup will definitely steal your heart: he has become a real superstar

This Incredibly beautiful puppy is a hybrid of Pomeranian and Husky.

Meet Norman, who was adopted from a home breeding project, named Northern California Pomskies holding in 2016.

Looking at this cute and fluffy little creature you will fill with fun and joy.

This adorable pup gives a bunch of smiles to everyone he meets.

His pictures are so welcomed and loved by the users, who follow his on Instagram.

Even, there are many people, who can’t pass his by and stay indifferent seeing him outside.

He is a superstar of social medias.

Recently he has more than 64 k followers on Instagram.

His lucky human confesses, he is blessed owning such a cute and lovely pet.

As she says Norman is her sunshine!

She can’t imagine her entire life without this piece of happiness.

He is so active and playful dog. He is so friendly with absolutely everyone he meets.

Likewise, he also adores, when we cuddle him and give a bunch of kisses.

No matter, how anxious or stressful went your day, when you spend a couple of hours with Norman you will be cleared and energized at once.

It’s worth to mention, that the Pomskies are one of the world’s cutest and the most playful pets.

Look at this cuteness!

He is a piece of warm sunshine, isn’t he?

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