This wonderful white dog was adopted 11 times in one year but he always came back to the shelter

Sometimes dogs’ ideas about how to live comfortably are different from those of their owners. The example of the dog Gumby is proof of this.

The wonderful three-year-old dog, Gumby, was first found by a passerby on the streets of Charleston in South Carolina, USA.

The beautiful white pooch was taken to the dog center. His fur was clean and he was not skinny.

It was obvious that the animal was not a stray dog. But his owners were not found and the dog had to stay at the shelter.

The center staff really liked this beautiful white creature with wise eyes. We decided to find him a good, caring owner.

Then a man appeared and adopted Gumby. But three days later, a dog lover found him on the street and brought him to the shelter.

Gumby was adopted the second time and the same story repeated itself. After six days, the dog ran away from the fenced area.

Seven times the adorable dog was adopted from the shelter and four times was brought back from the street by caring people.

But all 11 times, in one year, the rebellious doggie escaped from his masters and was returned to the center.

Even, once, it was found 30 kilometers from Charleston.

The staff decided not to send the dog away again and tried to find the cause of his behavior.

It turned out that Gumby felt comfortable when he was around other animals.

He made friends with the new members of the shelter, he took care of them with pleasure. He played with all the dogs and even the kittens.

According to a zoopsychologist, the sociable dog needed the company of animals and for this, he preferred the shelter.

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