To get rid of the mouse, the boy decided to get a cat, but something obviously went wrong

Cats always catch mice, thus saving their owners’ property and nerves. For this purpose, a boy brought a cute fluff, because he was quite tired of a mouse that was wandering around his apartment.

At least he was sure he could get rid of her with a cat.

Before that, the boy tried almost everything: muscle traps, poisonous food, special repellents devices. The cunning rodent was not provoked.The guy was so desperate that he decided to buy a furry hunter.

To do this, he visited a local shelter and took there a well-formed mustachioed-striped representative of the genus feline.

But then the unexpected happened. The cat didn’t eat the mouse.They developed a friendship. Once the guy woke up a little earlier and saw that the mouse was sitting in front of the cat, and the animals were talking sweetly among themselves.

Seeing the approach of the man, the rodent disappeared into the hole with lightning speed.

The boy found a way out and now wants to get a dog, but he is worried that the cunning mouse will find an approach to him.

Agree, that these two are so cute together. Would you mind such a friendship?

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