To save the unconscious dog, the owner plunged into the freezing water.

There are many legends about how strong the connection of dogs to their owners is, but the downside is somehow overlooked. Meanwhile, there are enough examples that can and should be shown to everyone.

Recently, a housewife from Murfreesboro, Tennessee, became a heroine of social networks when she rescued her dog from under the ice.

Meet Jenny Tatum. A fragile woman with the heart of a tigress.

Tatum is not afraid to let the dogs play in the backyard so that the house won’t be torn apart. The pool is not very deep, in addition, the pump constantly drives the water and usually, it does not freeze.

But this year, due to abnormal frosts and power outages, the equipment broke down. With no experience, Tatum felt that the ice crust was stronger than it seemed, and with a light heart, she let the dogs play.

Fortunately, she herself was nearby, and her home video camera recorded everything.

Here it is, the moment Sid falls into the water. Only the tail sticks out on the surface and that moment.

Due to hypothermia and shock, the dog immediately lost consciousness and would not have gotten out on its own. The poor dog stayed under water for more than a minute until Tatum was able to take him out of there.

Thankfully, the dog was alive, and after an examination in a vet clinic was taken back home. Now the playful dog is not allowed to go near the pool for his own sake.

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