Touching footage: a musician plays classical music for a rescued elephant and the animal is delighted with it

Classical music heals the soul and clears the mind. And this principle applies not only to people, but also to animals and this video. published by musician Paul Barton.

Paul is a talented pianist and has been a wildlife rights and safety activist for 10 years.So, since 2011, he lives in Thailand and performs the immortal compositions of Beethoven, Schumann, Mozart and Grieg for rescued elephants and assures that these animals are very subtle connoisseurs of classical music.

So, recently Paul performed for an adult, graceful Mongol elephant. The poor animal had to go through a lot, he was held in captivity for many years, but, fortunately, all this passed and now this charming elephant lives in a Thai wildlife park and Paul often communicates with him.

The musician told that Mongol often walks by the river near the piano and, as if waiting for Paul to start playing his favorite music.

A man most often plays for elephants in the same reserve and is sure that he has the best audience in the world who can listen and understand, and for animals that had a difficult past due to human activities, classical music, as experience has shown, is excellent therapy.

Just watch how the Mongol reacts to magical sounds and don’t forget to share this touching video with your friends.

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