TV presenter saved a wild swan from death and he hugged his savior

A couple of years ago, Richard Wiese, the host of Born to Research, had an amazing story. To shoot the next program, he went to a swan nursery, located in the UK.

While visiting, Wiese stumbled upon a swan that was able to surprise the film crew with his boundless trust in people.

This touching moment has become one of the most emotional contacts between animals and humans and has already gone down in history.

The swan hit the fence and suffered from the incident. The TV presenter created all the necessary conditions for the bird to be calm and comfortable during transportation. Here is what Wiese himself says about it:

“I lifted the swan and immediately felt his heart beating. He was not afraid of me and wrapped his neck around mine. The animal completely trusted me. This is a miracle. ”

What happened is extremely surprising. Many people know that swans cannot be classified as affectionate animals. However, the hero of our story has become an exception.

The bird quickly realized that she was not in danger, and therefore, completely sincerely hugged her savior.

Just look at these pictures. It’s not possible to remain indifferent to such a scene.

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