Two abandoned cute puppies won’t stop sweetly hugging each other even after being rescued

A couple of homeless animals were found in the streets of Ho Chi Minh City.

The only thing that was left for them to do is hugging each other.They were hungry and all they had was each other. Their photos of hugging each other made everyone’s hearts!

Everyone fell in love with them. They were so cute.The devastated and stressed pups were ignored until Buddhist nuns took them into their temple.

The bigger dog hugged the little one as if trying to protect her.They were so attached to each other and so sweet.You can never imagine what they had been through in their life.With each new day they started trusting people more as they felt they are in safe hands.

They were slowly gaining confidence in each new day.You can feel that now they feel calm and peaceful when as they are in safe hands.

These poor creatures only needed someone who will take care of them and protect from the harm.



Nobody could ever imagine what the future held for them. They were lucky to meet such kind people on their way.

They are now safe and healthy as they are surrounded by love and respect.

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