Until a good someone arrives to aid her, the kitten hides in a hole in the wall, and she only wants to be cuddled.

A kind soul noticed a tabby cat outside a mall in Huntsville, Alabama.

She was alone and meowing nonstop.

When the finder approached the kitten, she went into a little hole in the wall and refused to come out.

A concerned member of the community approached Mary Chromek, an animal rescuer, seeking aid.

The little tabby nestled herself inside the hole, her head out.

While Mary was putting up a humane trap with stinky, fishy cat food, she was quite timid yet intrigued about what was going on.

Mary gazed at her curious tiny face and began chatting to her, hoping to earn her trust.

Each time she meowed at the cat, the kitten seemed to relax and even began slowly blinking back at her.

The kitten was called Belkie after the department shop where she was discovered.

Despite being only skin and bones, she craved attention and was pleased to be held.

Mary took Belkie under her wing in order to get some food and drink into her small body.

The kitten didn’t eat too much at first, but was as pleased as could be while she was laying on her rescuer’s lap.

Mary experimented with several foods in order to entice the kitten to eat more.

She began administering medicine to Belkie and gave supportive care unless she could get her into the vet the next day.

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