Unusual two-faced cat Yana became the new star of the Internet

The unusual color of the cat Yana conquered the social users. Now the two-faced cat already has 30 thousand followers on Instagram.

Yana lives with her mistress Elizaveta in Minsk. She shared that the name of her favorite is not accidental, but was chosen specifically in honor of the two-faced Greek god Janus. Liza assures that her Yanochka is unique both externally and in character.

Fans are delighted with the kitty as much as her owner. They sing her praises and even paint her portraits. Elizabeth herself is also a creative person, so Yana is often depicted in her drawings.

Yana loves to walk outdoors in the fresh air and accompanies Lisa on her travels. So, in the snow season, she went with Yana to a ski resort and bought special ski equipment also for the kitty in the form of a helmet and a mask, but Yana refused to try on a fur coat, her own is enough.

In the opinion of the experts, this coloring of wool is extremely rare. A similar feature is found among tricolor cats, but males with this color have not yet been registered.

But even girls of this color are very few. The most popular now is the cat Venus, whose muzzle is symmetrically divided into two parts։ dark and red, with one eye of a hazel cat, the other blue. Such cats are a real miracle and geneticists cannot yet find the cause of this feature.

There is an opinion that cats with such a distinctive feature of a chimera, that is, they combine different sets of genes in one organism, and it is this gene composition that gives the result that the animal seems to be composed of two different individuals.

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