Veteran and his faithful dog left this world with a difference of a couple of hours

It is no longer necessary to write evidence of the loyalty of dogs to their master. Even in the most difficult moments, they do not betray and are there. So, 11-year-old Gunner was an incredibly loyal and devoted dog.

He was always next to his master Daniel Howe and never left his side. They hunted together and were best friends. And when a man was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, Gunner was there.

He approached his master and they clung to each other during the days. Daniel’s daughter, Heather, said that the dog’s concern for his father.

And the most surprising thing is that after a while Gunner also fell ill, the family noted that the dog and his owner were so synchronous in everything that this fact seemed natural to them.

Then both Howe and the pet stopped moving and began to feel worse and the family felt that the end was approaching. Genner became lethargic, his hands swelled, and Heather realized that the end was near.

Daniel was gone and after a couple of hours the dog became completely lethargic and also went to another world, all this happened with a difference of only an hour and a half. They were inseparable in life and together they went to another world.

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