Volunteer found dogs tied to a chain in an abandoned building, with hungry cubs walking nearby

Robert, a young man who has been volunteering for more than one year, during which time he managed to save a lot of animals in trouble.

He belongs to the category of those people who will never pass indifferently past an animal that needs help.And this time, Robert ended up in Bulgaria, where he also had to apply his volunteer skills.

He found himself in an abandoned area and at the same time in one of the buildings noticed several dogs tied to a chain.The young man was outraged by this fact and he could not understand how a person could reach such a degree of cruelty.

He did not deny that the country has nothing to do with it and that individual people everywhere are not distinguished by humanity.

The tendency to take a dog home and then leave it when it gets tired, or to tie it to a chain, was beyond his comprehension.

But this fact was aggravated by the fact that in this place, where there was neither food nor water, and no one could help, there were also cubs. The puppies were running around hungry and waiting for someone to help them.

Tethered adult dogs were also waiting for help, so when they saw Robert, they actively waved their tails, as if feeling that the end of their terrible fate was coming and they would finally be released and fed.

Robert, with his assistants, untied the animals and set them free. Those who were tied with ropes were easily untied, but the dogs on a metal chain had to be tinkered with, as tools were needed that would crush the iron.

But as a result, the dogs still managed to be released and they were just happy and did not hide their joy. After that, they were taken to the veterinarian, as some animals needed the help of a specialist.

So, there was an elderly Luci, who was all shabby and she needed a serious and long treatment, and it was started right away, giving a chance for recovery.

Other dogs, which were neglected but had no particular health problems, immediately began to distribute to local residents.We immediately managed to attach very charming and nimble puppies, and then a white and sweet, but a little shy Debbie, who, before the rescue, was sitting on a chain, it is not known how long.

Robert is sure that soon these dogs will find owners, but for now they live in a shelter. where Robert takes care of them and provides good nutrition, walks and they undergo rehabilitation also morally after everything that they have experienced.

And we wish the animals all the best and that they quickly find caring and loving owners, and we will thank Robert for his kindness and indifference and hope that many others will take him as an example of behavior and there will be much more such people helping our smaller brothers.

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