Volunteers managed to save an animal that looked like a shaggy monster.After removing a kilo of wool, this beauty was hard to recognize.

In the US state of Arizona, animal rights activists managed to show amazing transformation of a kitty and it was just thanks to the haircut made after lifting quarantine measures.

It all started when the organization got the call and accepted it, the worker could hardly see the animal in a large ball of hair.

However, it turned out that scissors, a machine and an experienced craftsman can create a real miracle.

Almost a kilogram of wool had to cut from the shaggy monster, and suddenly everyone saw an incredibly charming cat named Fluffer.

Animal rights activists wrote that it was a real miracle to turn a cat into such a beauty, but the matter wasn’t only in appearance, but in fact it was really hard for an animal to be under the kilo of wool , and besides, tangled and unkempt hair was a breeding ground for parasites.

It should be noted that the animal rights activists had to work hard to return Fluffer’s cute cat appearance, because a kilogram of fur is far from a joke and a quarter of her own weight, can you imagine how unhappy it was, it’s like 20 kilos of hair from an 80-kilogram person.

After cutting off a kilogram of wool, the cat began to weigh a little more than three and a half kilos.

It should be noted that Fluffer was incredibly calm and brought-up before, apparently, she understood that they came to help her, and it made easier animal rights activistss work and she didn’t have to give medication.


The cat is four years old and she went a shelter when her owner die away and the volunteers told that they had never seen such a neglected case in their practice.

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