Weasel and kitten became best friends and celebrities on the social networks.

Charming white-red kitten became friends with weasel. Such a tandem in the animal world is almost impossible, this is why unique shots with their funny tricks won network users.

Two animals love to play together and are very attached to each other, whatever people say about the impossibility of such friendship, that animals are completely different from each other and are even enemies.

Cats are quite lazy by nature and love to eat deliciously and sleep sweetly, in contrast to weasel. These rodents are real energetic motors that cannot be stopped, and it seems that weasels cannot get tired, this is not about them.

However, this story is another proof that true friendship does not recognize any boundaries or stereotypes.

People say that, strangely enough, the cat decided to completely delegate leadership to the weasel and became very obedient, which is surprising, that in fact cats are famous rodent hunters.

But, we know that cats are just very generous and forgive him pranks, including the fact that he often strives to suddenly come up and bite him or trouble his sleep and even steal his favorite food.

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