When a person noticed an animal with a glass ball on its head, he immediately dialed the rescuers.

One day a man was walking in the forest and saw a strange animal. His legs were fine, but his head was very odd. From a distance, it was impossible to make out who it was and what happened to him.

Then the man decided to come closer to provide assistance if needed.

It turned out that this unfortunate animal is a small deer. His head was stuck in some kind of aquarium or jar. He was completely disoriented and didn’t know what to do. The kid was very scared.

Later it turned out that the head of the deer was stuck in a transparent ceiling. His parents were expelled from the herd, and he suffered for several days from hunger and thirst. If no one had seen him, he might have died.

Immediately, the man called the rescuers, who arrived at the scene very quickly. It was not difficult to remove the ceiling lamp from the head of the animal. Immediately after the release, the deer was able to go into the forest.

But the story didn’t end there. A few days later, the same man called rescuers and reported the same deer. He lay nearby completely exhausted.

The arrived veterinarian gave him a nutritional injection, after which the animal ran to the forest, this time forever.

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