When he recognized the person in front of him, the shelter dog sobbed.

Animals are distinguished by simplicity, ulterior motives are alien to them. They react to good with loyalty, and to evil with alienation. And only in special cases does this axiom fail.

Roscoe entered a Washington orphanage as a puppy. Despite the care from the workers, he behaved distinctively, did not make contact and was constantly sad. This made the volunteers wonder if he may have had a loving family in the past.

Not hoping for anything, caring people posted about him on social networks. Who knows, what if the former owner gets a message?

A miracle happened. Very soon, a farmer called the shelter, saying that his pet had disappeared three years ago. They searched for him for a long time, looked through all possible ads. But the baby never showed up.

The man was invited to the institution so that he could be convinced if his friend was passing his days so mournfully.

When the farmer showed up, no proof was required. As soon as he smelled his scent, Roscoe became agitated and rushed to the man, happily wagging his tail. The pup could not restrain himself and began to cry, because the wait has finally come to the end.

The owner took the pet Rant – that is his name in reality – and now there is no trace of the pet’s former restraint.

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