When the cat named Nilo returned home, the owner noticed a note attached to the cat, saying that she has two owners

Cats are not as devoted as dogs but they don’t change their owners. All they need is comfort and love. But it turns out that some cats like the idea of having more than one owner.

Fluffy beauty Nilo kept a secret for many years that no one knew about. But all the secret becomes clear. So it happened with the mysterious cat.

The animal spent a lot of time on the street, however, by the end of the day she always returned home. Then she began to disappear for several days, but she came back full, with a full belly, she didn’t attack food.

Once, after such a “spree”, Nilo came home, and a note was attached to her collar! It turns out that the cat lived in two families, where she was even called differently!

The owner was shocked. He wasn’t ready for such a discovery.

The note said the cat’s name was Angela. The guy realized that the cat, when he leaves him, lives in another family.

At first, he was offended and felt betrayed, but later calmed down.

He began to feel gratitude towards his “godfathers” who took care of Nilo. So cats, like people, can live in two families, carefully hiding their secret!

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