Woman allows her dogs to play outside and later notices them returning with a new brother.

Dogs are the most loyal animals known to us. Except for being faithful, they are also adorable and funny. They love playing with each other and involve their humans in different kinds of games.

It’s a joy for a dog if he has one or more dog friends because we – humans can’t give our whole time to them.

In the case of Sara Nisevic, it’s true. Her dogs adore playing with one another outside the house. Recently, after their usual games, Sara’s dogs came back with another brown-coated cute dog.

Sarah didn’t know what to do. The place she lives is a rural area. Sarah knew all of her neighbors, and the dog belonged to non of them. The woman made an announcement and even went to a vet clinic to check whether the dog was microchipped.

As it turned out, this cutie had no owners. Actually, Sarah was happy because when she saw the puppy for the first time, she fell in love with him. The same is true about the brown boy, who got excited to meet Sarah.

The woman explains that in their villages people often dump dogs. The adorable pup was lucky enough to meet the dog-loving woman.

Of course, Sarah adopted him and named the dog Strudel.

Strudel has made friends with all of Sarah’s dogs and especially with Srna – an elder dog.

These two love to play with each other and sleep in the same bed.

It’s so good to know that once dumped dog found a loving family.

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