Woman opted to care after the duck egg until the kid hatched since she couldn’t go beyond the destroyed nest.

A resident of the United States, Betsy Ross became a mother three times. But recently she “adopted” a fourth. Once on a walk, the woman found a duck’s egg. It was in a ruined nest.

The children persuaded her to keep the egg. They really wanted to see how the duckling would hatch from it.

The woman literally carried the egg with her everywhere. Ross used her bra as a nest. The woman admits that she parted with the egg only when she went to the shower. She even took him to bed.

After a while, Ross heard tapping sounds inside the egg. With the whole family, they began to monitor the hatching process. But Betsy’s family noticed that the duckling only cracked half the egg. He couldn’t get out on his own.

Ross called the vet. The doctor said that most likely the chick was stuck, and he needed help.

The duckling was born very weak. He was born ahead of time. Probably because the temperature was unstable. The crumb experienced a lack of warmth.

But soon the baby could walk. Betsy watched with joy as the bird explored the world. He learned to swim in a basin, and then in puddles in the courtyard of the house.

The American woman said that the bird considered her to be his mother. And he was very upset when Betsy left the house somewhere. Over time, the duckling grew into an adult duck.

He was transferred to the animal welfare center. Ross admits that it was hard for her to say goodbye.

After all, she was so used to taking care of her feathered child.

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