Workers at the shelter discouraged the girl from adopting this ailing cat, but look how gorgeous he has grown!

Jon Snow was picked up in South Korea on the street where he was trying to survive. He was hungry, dehydrated, and suffered severely from an upper respiratory illness. No one thought that Jon Snow would survive, except for one person.

Rachel Brown wanted to adopt a cat. For more than one week, she was looking for an animal, looking through the lists of cats in all the shelters in the country. When she saw Jon Snow, she immediately knew that she should take him.

“He was obviously in very bad shape, but I couldn’t get him out of my head,” says the girl.

Brown asked her boyfriend to call the shelter and ask about Jon Snow. The owner of the shelter told the friend of Rachel that the cat is very sick, does not eat anything, and it is unlikely that anything will come of this venture.

When Brown arrived at the shelter to pick up Jon Snow, she found him uncomfortably hunched over in his cage. Nearby was a bowl of untouched food. The cat looked very helpless and desperate for a miracle.

The woman filled out the paperwork as quickly as she could, and without delay took the poor fellow home to quickly provide the animal with veterinary care.

On the way to the house, Jon Snow, of course, was still very weak, but he somehow found the strength to thank his new mother for giving him a chance.

“He tried to get up and get out of the carrier,” says Brown. “He meowed when he couldn’t see me through the net, and the rest of the time he was looking at me.”

Soon the veterinarians were also convinced that he had infectious peritonitis, which very often ends in death for cats.

But Brown didn’t want to hear anything. She put Jon Snow in the clinic, treatment began.

Brown had to travel daily for 30 minutes by train to the clinic to Jon Snow and back. Despite the fact that he still looked rather sickly, every day the cat’s condition was getting better.

Today, Jon Snow is completely healthy. He has a lot of energy, loves to play and follows his new mommy everywhere she goes.

“He’s the best cat!” says Brown. He has such a character! He’s crazy, running around like a maniac, and climbing his cat tower at the speed of light.”

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